Medicine wheel

example of a Lakota medicine wheel

medicine wheel

Power Animals: Spiritual leaders of tribes have long looked to the animals that came into their as messengers. There was great respect for those tribal members who could interpret the messages. For each Medicine Wheel reading, animal energy is requested to come forth to help the seeker. The medicine of the animals is the specific energy of the animal involved that will help a person to reconnect to Great Spirit. This is essentially the diety used to embody the Holy spirit, just as a statue is a representation of a being thats beyond form. If you would prefer to not use totems you can use dieties that match the correlating side of the wheel.

When and Why a person uses an Animal Medicine Wheel: A person can do a medicine wheel at any time of their life. A reason for getting a reading would be to know what energies represented by specific animals are here to help them. A person beginning a project would ask a specific question to help them progress on their path of changes more easily. They would ask the question as, “What is my best path in regards to this move, relationship, or business project?” They will not get a yes or no answer to specific questions. This is because the person has the free will to choose their direction, and it is best left up to their inner knowing to decide. The animals help them choose the best path.

How your Medicine Wheel is Created: A wheel is created in a respectful fashion. In a circle of love and light, the seven directions and animals are called upon to serve as a guide to those who request a reading. Because a person has requested a wheel, it is assumed that the person is making their higher self available to the help offered by the animals and the directions they choose. If the reading is a gift, I ask permission of the recipient through intuitive means. It is rare that I do not receive permission to provide the service when presented as a gift. However I do ask people to understand if I need to reject an order based upon this guidance. The important thing is that the client also respect the energy of the animals. I do my best to make this clear in the initial reading. It is not enough to ask for help; a person must be open to it and thankful for it. The animals are selected through the use of their pictures or names on a deck of cards used for that purpose. One is chosen for each of the seven directions.

Discover Your Personal Power Totems: Since ancient times, the wise people of indigenous cultures have received messages from the animals. Each animal represents a particular type of energy which is useful to us as human beings. Knowing your power animals and their meaning will help you tune into your purpose at this time as well as knowing where to go for assistance. A beautiful gift suitable for framing-for yourself or a friend.

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