Purity & Impurity

Everything is sacred, everything is the one thing.. this is true

Yet every system talks about purity and impurity…this is true

All duality is a thought created by the mind , so pure and impure comes down to what we believe is good, pure and holy. And what is bad,evil, and gross. Basically pure & impure is only true in a pragmatic sense.

when we do purification we weed out what is considered impure. For instance purity rituals help us dissolve the Ego (the identity)…

A good example is my sacred feather. According to belief, if you find a feather while on a journey (either short or long) it then becomes sacred.. Purity tends to trump impurity because purity is thought of better than impurity, the effect is that were there is purity, evil cannot be. So i wear my sacred feather because it attracts things I consider Good and Holy…

This is the same for the opposite, when you take the spiritual poison out of an action. A good example can be found in sex and drugs… If someone turns sex from lust and into love, then the poison is taken out.. this is Tantric sex, you worship your partner as God and only think about loving and pleasuring them. In the case of drugs, there are many shamanic practices in which a hallucinogen is used as a facilitator for spiritual expirience.. they eat medicine and pray and sing, etc…

when one is a saint, a buddha all conceptions about good and bad go out the window, everything just is, and therefore is sacred.

Since the One spirit is manifest in all matter, our bodies and the Earth are sacred. They are Temples in which the Divine dwells. Everything in existence is a Temple of the Divine. It is only our illusions that prevent us from seeing this. All opposites are ultimately illusionary. All is Ajah, all is sacred.

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