Ajah teaches that by observing of nature, we can find unity in all things, and thereby experience liberation. You could say Ajah Dharma is nature-based.

Naturalness is central to Ajah It describes the “primordial state” of all things as well as a basic character of the soul, and is usually associated with spontaneity and creativity.To attain naturalness, one has to identify with the self, and the self alone; this involves freeing oneself from Ego, attachment, and desire, and appreciating simplicity. Ajah teaches that everything has its complementary opposite. More than this that everything can only be understood by comparing it to its opposite.Day is only day in comparison to night, cold only cold in comparison to heat, and soft only soft in comparison to hard. Looking deeper still, and realized that these relationships are in a constant state of flux: Day turns to night and back again.

All things, then, are interdependent. By observing the processes of nature we can come to some understanding about the meaning of our lives and about our place in the world. These concepts are also one the cornerstone of Ajah philosophy.
Many philosophers have noticed that what happens in nature is effortless. This does not mean that there is no struggle, but that events occur without premeditation. we all exist, we are all just being, the world just is, and things just happen..

Contemplate the life of a plant.

The seed falls onto the ground.

If the soil is fertile, and if it receives warmth, light, and water, it may emerge as a seedling.

It does not require instruction to know how to take nourishment in through its roots or how to eat the suns light.

Given the knowledge it contains, the plant is complete within its own self. Why should life be different for people?

Just be here now, why not allow situations to unfold as they may rather than trying to manipulate others and orchestrate events? This is the meaning of I AM, You just are.

Nature and the environment is a central theme in Ajah Dharma. Living with respect to the land and its many components is showing one’s respect for Ajah. Living off of the land means food is produced organically and agricultural practices are implemented safely, causing no damage to the land. Alcohol and red meat is forbidden and for the most part One lead a vegetarian lifestyle. The idea behind the practice is vegetables come from the Mother (earth), and the earth produces good things. Fruits are thought of in the same way. Things made from natural roots and herbs are also good. It should be noted that one should not wear leather either, theirs a saying “one who wears shoe leather walks on death”

The most preferable method of getting food is through one’s own plantation or garden. This idea is the most environmentally sound way of farming and producing food. The return of this process is doing the least damage to the land. Its objectives are to live a healthy lifestyle. Often the desire to live ‘naturally’ is unfeasible because of Western societies wants and desires, but Ajah strive to live this way. At any rate whatever you do, as long as one identifies with the self & not the body, it doesnt matter what you eat.

The “uncarved block”, represents the “original nature… prior to the imprint of culture” of an individual.

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