Invocation of the Divine Mother

Invocations to the Three Shaktis

this is a call to the three aspects of the goddess, they are consorts of the three dieties, but as previously stated there is one God, and all dieties are this same God. So these three faces of the goddess are the one goddess, as well as the trimurti is the three faces of the one god.

And the god and the goddess are the two faces of the One God.

Praise be to the divine Mother whom is all immanent creation.

I invoke the white goddess Saraswati, Consort of Brahma the Creator.

She who rides the swan, who bears lute, rosary, and palm-leaf book.

Oh, Jnana Shakti (the Power to Know), garlanded with letters of Poetry!

Grant me wisdom, success in competition, and inspiration in the arts and sciences.

Mother of Memory, I offer you the ringing of bells, and the brightness of lamplight.

Come, dwell forever on the tip of my tongue.


I invoke the red goddess Lakshmi, Consort of Vishnu the Preserver.

She who rides the owl, who bears lotuses, treasure vase, and gestures to grant boons and remove fear.

Oh, Kriya Shakti (the Power to Act), garlanded with blossoms of Nature!

Grant me serenity, abundance, and luck in the achievement of material blessings.

Mother of Satisfaction, I offer you the caress of flower petals, and the savor of sweet fruit.

Come, dance eternally in the temple of my heart.


My obeisances to the Birth-giver of true Wealth!

I invoke the black goddess Kali, Consort of Rudra the Destroyer.

She who dances on corpses, who bears a bloody sword, a demon’s head, and gestures to remove fear and grant boons.

Oh, Iccha Shakti (the Power to Desire), garlanded with skulls of Eternity!

Grant me courage, your protection, and release me from all that is not divine.

Mother of Transformation, I offer you the fragrance of musk incense, and the heady exaltation of wine.

Come, arise in laughter through the vortexes along my spine.


My obeisances to the Timeless Dark Dancer!

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