Any one who wishes to be Ajah simply must go to a sacred place and pronounce the oath clearly

As Sacred Ajah(God) as my witness,

I shall realize my oneness with the eternal spirit.

I shall merge all opposites of duality.

So that I may be a teacher

and protector of the one people.

With true love for Ajah.

I swear this, my holy pledge.

I declare I Am.



the Oath spoken by every Ajah

it carries the essence of the teaching within its words.

Part 1: As Sacred Ajah(God) as my witness…

know that God is every were at all times and is in all beings.

Part 2: I shall realize my oneness with the eternal spirit…

A solemn vow and promise to never stop working towards the realization of liberation.

Part 3: So that I may be a teacher and protector of the one people.
the promise to teach what you learn to protect against the demons of depression and sadness.
 Part 4: With true love for Ajah. I swear this, my holy pledge.
this is a covenent with God, and you dont screw with an oath to the All-father….
Part 5: I declare I Am.
you exist, its the only truth you can claim.
Part 6: OM SHANTI.
OM – the eternal sound, the vibrations of shakti, the word of shiva…
SHANTI – this means peace…
How to take the Oath..
To become an Ajah warrior, simply follow these instruction, as well as your heart..
step 1) assess whether or not you are ready for a spiritual path, then contemplate your place in the universe.
step 2) research & study Sadhus, saints, & swamis,Wicca, Tantra, Zen, Rastafari , Vedanta, hindism, buddhism, sihks, etc…step 3) meditate until you come to the point of true seeing. if you already have this seeing, move on.step 4) fill a small cup with water, raise your cup. Then recite the Oath…

You are now an oath barer of the Ajah… you are Ajah as long as you keep clarity of vision, and love in your heart. the Ajah warrior is a holy man,

fools may think “I’m God so i can act however i want” but a Ajah knows ” I am God, and so are you, its time we start acting like God, the buddha natured.” dont fall in traps of ego, ego is dieing, ego is limited, you are Ajah the absolute without end & without second.

step 6)You may now do an initiation ritual, either by your self with God as your witness. or In a group, by a teacher, who is the vessel of the teaching.

step 7) what good is your own happiness, if you cannot share it with others. Once you are awake, and stay awake, start teaching others the ways of Ajah.

step 8) wear white & black often, as they are the colors of opposites which are brought together, they are the colors of an Ajah. this is largely symbolic and is not necessary to be Ajah. an Ajah is a knower of his own heart, and thus “needs” nothing…



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