Law of attraction

Law of attraction

The law of attraction is the law of “like attracts like,” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. Thoughts Create Things, and Positive Emotional Attitudes are helpful and necessary to manifest objectives.

All is energy, energy is God.

Everything in our universe is energy,

everything you perceive, including sight, feeling, hearing, etc.

Everything within and beyond our perceptions is energy as well.

Everything. Energy always moves. In fact even you are energy, so you are one with God,

you are the creator, preserver and destroyer.

Energy cannot stop and cannot disappear. It can only change it’s form. Energy always flows.
Our thoughts are energy.

What we now see, feel and touch has only

existed in the form of thought just a little while ago.

As soon as you conceive and entertain a thought, any thought,

it immediately flows into the endless universe and attracts like thoughts.

They in turn attract material manifestations of the similar energies.

Miserable thought manifest more misery,

abundant thoughts adds more abundance

to the creator of it and to the world around.

the only way to manifest new and improved version of

the outer world is to change the vision within your inner world,

your inner vibrations, your inner thoughts and,

as a consequence, your inner emotional state.

So here’s what you’d want to do – and in this specific order:

  1. create Intention and Make Decision to start moving toward it. making commitment to yourself to create a life of joy and freedom, a life of your own choosing.

  2. Get your Ego ready for the trip. Without love everything else will be manifested to match your non-loving inner state.

  3. Let go of Resistance. Resistance, caused by the ego-mind is the one and only reason people are getting what they don’t want and not getting what they want in their lives.

  4. Enter and Maintain, keep going and don’t ever look back. You want something because the ego knows that you’ll feel good after obtaining it. But to get it – you’ll have to make yourself feel emotionally NOW as if you already have what you want. This will allow your dream to manifest.

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