Siva&Sakti (+,-)

From a metaphysical point of view, the divine couple Shiva-Shakti corresponds to two essential aspects of the One: the masculine principle, which represents the abiding aspect of God, and the feminine principle, which represents Its Energy, the Force which acts in the manifested world, life itself considered at a cosmic level.

The cosmic spirit dwells within all nature, just as the God dwells within the Goddess… this can be recognized in all beings, as all beings have a spirit(siva) and shakti(nature)… The male is pictured as the observer/enjoyer of sex, and the female is the active/enjoyed in sex…

This pattern of symbolism Gives dominence to the spirit, yet respects that the body is the temple of all divine… Just as a man is useless without his partner, a soul is useless(in this realm) without it’s body.

There is nothing perverse about Tantrik philosophy, it is the diefied symbolism of the embodied spirit.

From this point of view, Shakti represents the immanent aspect of the Divine, that is the act of active participation in the act of creation. Maybe exactly this Tantric view of the Feminine in creation contributed to the orientation of the human being towards the active principles of the universe, rather than towards those of pure transcendence.

Therefore, Shiva defines the traits specific to pure transcendence and is normally associated, from this point of view, to a manifestation of Shakti who is somewhat terrible (such as Kali and Durga), personification of Her own untamed and limitless manifestation.

Owing to the fact that in a way, Shakti is more accessible to the human understanding (because this regards aspects of life that are closely related to the human condition inside the creation), the cult of the Goddess (DEVI) has spread more forcibly.

This cult was combined with notions of the Shamkhya philosophy and has offered the premises necessary to the later Maya doctrine, formulated by the sage Shankaracharya.

  Y I N   and   Y A N G (chinese shiva-shakti)

The Chinese worked out there own system of positive/negative polarity, Yin & Yang.. it is comparable but not identical to it’s Indian cousin (Siva/Sakti).

philosophy says that there is nothing more fundamental in the understanding of the whole Universe than the two types of energy YIN(-) and YANG(+). The whole Universal Manifestation is subject to the two opposed but complementary forces, lunar and solar, the centrifugal force and the centripetal force, the feminine and the masculine.
The YIN fundamental force is centrifugal, (-), has an expansive tendency, is the source of tranquility, calm, cold and dark. The YANG fundamental force is centripetal, has a contractive tendency, is the source of sound, dynamism, warmth and light.


YIN(-) and YANG(+) sometimes result from one another :
– the cold geographical regions, which are mainly YIN (-), generate the conditions for YANG plants and animals; in the same way, the plants and animals that exist in the predominant YANG(+) warm regions, are YIN (-).
– the ovule, which is produced by the feminine sexual organs (YIN, (-)), is YANG (+), while the sperm, which is produced by the male sexual organs (YANG, (+)), is YIN(-).


The human being has access almost instantaneously to the essential depths of the Creation by the means of using the two fundamental notions of YIN(-) and YANG(+) as a basis when observing the world. The whole Universe becomes the most elevated school of wisdom for the one who knows the notions of YIN(-) and YANG(+) and can permanently EQUILIBRATE them by maintaining a state of harmony in their manifestation.

Next, we will try to describe how are YIN(-) and YANG(+) present in the most diverse fields and spheres of manifestation.

Tendency Extension, dilatation Contraction
Orientation Centrifugal Centripetal
Position Exterior Interior
Structure Space Time
Direction Downward Upward
Color Violet, mauve Red
Temperature Cold Hot
Weight Easy Heavy
Element Water Fire
Atom Electrons Protons (nucleus)
Chemical element Potassium, Calcium, Oxygen, Azoth, Sulfur, Phosphor, Silicon, Iron, Strontium, Lead, Aluminum, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Tin, Silver, Chlorine Sodium, Hydrogen, Carbon, Magnesium, Arsenious, Lithium, Quicksilver, Uranium, Neon, Chromium, Nickel, Copper, Palladium, Gold
The living world Vegetal Animal
Plants Salads, legumes, fruits Cereals
Nerves Ortho sympathetic Para sympathetic
Gender Feminine Masculine
Taste Sour, piquant, peppery, astringent, softly acid, sweet Salty, bitter, alkaline
Vitamins C,B2,B12,Pp,B1,B6 D,K,E,A
Season Cold, winter Tropical, summer
Other attributes Acid Alkaline
Expansion Pressure
TAMAS (heavy, immobile, inactive) RAJAS (active, agitated)
Quiet Sound
Wet Dry
Bigger Smaller
Low High
Root Top
Down Up
Dispersed, scattered Concentrated, focalized
Long Short
Unruly, unrestrained Retained, controlled
Horizontal Vertical
Periphery Center
Soft, fragile Hard
Subordinated Leading
Inorganic Organic
Sperm Menstrual blood
Spermatozoon Ovule
Plural Singular
Earth (-) Sky (+)
Moon Sun
Night Day
Atomic energy Nuclear energy
Negative Positive
Woman Man
Dark Light
Supple Rigid
Other attributes Concrete Abstract
Extrovert Introvert
Inertia Movement
Passivity Activity
Static Dynamic
Slow Fast
Magnetic Electric
Round shaped Angular shaped
Gas Solid
Liquid (1/2 YIN) Liquid (1/2 YANG)
Dark Light
Obscurity Clarity
Ultraviolet Infrared
Short waves Long waves
Bleu, indigo, violet Red, orange, yellow
Green (1/2 YIN) Green (1/2 YANG)
Sleep Wake
Anabolism Catabolism
Hypotension Hypertension
Aliments that contain much water Aliments that contain little water
Aliments rich in potassium Aliments rich in sodium
Aliments rich in glucides Aliments rich in proteins
Fat, deformed people Thin, supple persons
Mass Energy

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