Call to the One People

I call on the One People to rise up,

Peaceful warriors, spiritual athletes,

may you lead the generations to come

through the path of wisdom, and the way of the one truth.

May you grow forever in body, mind,

and spirit by drinking the necter of oneness.

With matted locks and Sinsemilla burning in there pipes.

You will encourage others to follow the path of peace, of love, of wisdom.

And thus will be a shepherd to the sheep.

Protecting the people, fighting as warriors do,

not with guns & knives

but through Grace.

Slaying the demons of suffering & depression.

Teach unity, tolerance, love, peace, compassion, and philosophy.

Help others through love and joy.

Resting in the pure self, you will teach that being true to yourself is a divine act.

And that remembering the pure unity of all life is duty.

Open your mind to the truth of one, the truth of all paths.

You are the Peace-chiefs, the Sadhu Babas, the shaman

you are the swamis, the priests.

May the vessel be the medium for the Buddha-nature,

you are here to teach the people, because you are the people.

God is Love.

And so all genuine loving expression is divine.

Detached from material , you know this is true.

Inhaling sacred smoke, engaging in humor& joy,

loving the One, and eating together,

the Ajah brings friends and family together in unity & harmony.

Wearing the banner of pure clarity of sight.

Covering in earth.


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