Enlightening Activities

These are all Things that are beautiful and bring you closer to God, as these activities are harmonious.

Singing- just sing and be loving and happy, sing to God, maybe even set up a deity you like.. You could jam out to your favorite song or sing hymns, it really doesn’t matter…

Listening to music- Its a gift from God all to often taken forgranted.

Meditation- resting as the self/soul, as God in perfect Unity… It is the path to Liberation, without meditation all is lost for humanity.

Dancing- Essentially the same as singing but with the limbs instead of the voice. Jam to music and become zen.

Playing instruments- when music is played it carries a primal loving mantra with in its tune…

Painting/drawing- Art is reenacting God’s creative power on simple paper… Art created with love is an amulet against suffering.

Reading- Any book can be enlightening, but especially when reading holy books. They are the trees coming to teach us the way…

Cooking- makeing food for loved ones is one of the greatest gift you can give someone…

Martial Arts- a consisive system for attaining martial zen, a combination of Karma yoga and Tantra yoga.(selfless action & energy manipulation)

Yoga- An ancient time-tested proven system for attaining liberation from suffering…

Ritual- movements & mantras done out of a Devotional urge arising the faithful. Examples could be to hold a mass and eat blessed food, or perhaps ceremoniously wash a deity statue and put clean clothing on the deity.

Puzzles- Simply delightful! This is why God created the world so it can enjoy these simple pleasures.

Magick- Can be accompanied with ritual, but in a most basic sense is visualization and or intention sent out into the universe for a desired effect… the more you realize your God-self the more magic works… Ofcourse magic is a Archaic name for this practice, it is better known today as ‘the law of attraction’.

Crafts- working with the hands, the mind stops ticking, and magic happens. “The potter becomes the pot.”

Nature-Walks- Go be with Mother-Nature, she is God, so be one with her.

Singing mantra- when sung out loud it heals those with in earshot… It is bestowing blessing on people who hear it.

Smoking Sacrament- God created Ganja so that people who are untrained at meditation can enjoy the same bliss of Unity. It is a Gift from Mother-Nature.

Helping hand- helping people is the healing of the one people, we are blessed every time we are helpful.

Teaching- To transmit was understanding of Truth, is a holy and sacred thing…

Keeping a Sabbath- enjoy one day a week to devote to God, the universe, and everything.. Sunday is traditional, but any day will do.

and many more….

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