Getting Started

What should you do? You decided the united Ajah Tribe is best for you.. But You want to express yourself, it is a craving shared by all human beings. Self-expression&  pursuit of self-betterment are a cluster of values that include social toleration, life satisfaction, public expression and an aspiration to liberty.

To get started as Ajah one should Adhere to the principles of Ajah Dharma.

So what to do to get started;

Understand that the true nature of reality is Unity. The wholeness of all things.

Dedicate your energy to the two faces of God… Spirit & Matter, Shiva & Shakti, Father & Mother… see the dual sides of this one coin of existence called God…

Dedicate your mind and body to the spirit whom is one and the same as God.

There is only One Self, simply practice acknowledging Unity as often as one can. You should remember the true self at all times, knowing that it is but a drop in the ocean of God.

Dedicate yourself to the principle of allowing your locks to grow freely…understanding that therein lies your strength just like many Saints & figures. Lord Shiva is literally the true self or soul of all beings… It goes to reason that to help realize your true self wear your hair naturally like Shiva. If you would like some symbolically shave their head after or before taking the Oath, to show that they have cut away their old life, and will now allow Ajah to forever grow… (see; holy Locks). The Ajah commits to keeping “whole” and “unified”.

Commit to the research of Spirituality, philosophy, and Religion, so you can better understand the Unity of everything…

Commit yourself to clean eating and living. This means maintaining the health of God’s temple(the body).. you may or may not pick a diet like; Ital, Ayurveda diet, kosher, etc. as well as pick a exercise practice like Hatha Yoga or Chi-gong. (see; clean diet)

Love all mankind. Don’t harbor hatred in your heart for anyone, and be at peace with yourself.

Follow the scripture of the heart, the heart always will tell you something to the effect of Peace, Love, compassion, Humility, Integrity.The Ajah call these the five perfections.(see; Ajah tenets)

Become one with nature. In other words, love life, love nature, and live off the fruit of the land.(see; Naturalness)

The Ajah Warrior make it a sacred duty to subdue your Ego-self and allow God to shine through. Meditation is the way….

Create an Alter to focus your prayers toward, and to be a shrine to your favored face of God. This will quickly become the center of your living space..Anything laid down on the Alter is instantly blessed and made Holy…(see; Ajah Alter)….

The serious Ajah focuses on the spiritual path more than anything else, and should pray often. Many Ajah pray to Mother Earth while looking off into the sunset knowing she is our whole world, even our body. Many Ajah Warriors Pray to the Great Spirit in the form of a deity, knowing this deity is the reflection of the higher self…

Bless all your food, only holy water and holy communion is good enough to offer to the Spirit within.

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