Duties of the Ajah

The Ajah have daily duties such as;

Hygene: cleanliness is next to Godliness
Worship of the supreme: The Ego of man is forever the servent of the supreme self.
Meditation and/or Spiritual activities: to balance and cleanse your body & mind of dark and low thoughts and actions.
Greeting and being hospitable to guests: to cultivate a compassionate attitude towards all beings…
Helping someone in need: we must always come to a fellows aid, this is the honor of every Ajah…


the Ajah have lifetime duties;
Dharma-spiritual way of life, this is a promise to live your religion & to always walk the path of peace & love…
Locks-growing out your hair natural and beautiful like Mother intended. Long hair expands the bodies aura and will aid in all energetic pursuits, as well as having attracting good spirits…
Pilgrimage-visiting holy places,to recieve blessing and provide a break from routine life, and to take a step into the consecrated life.
Blessing-recieve blessings daily, either done alone at an alter or from a holy man, or simply from smoke offerings.
Nature- respect nature,includeing the enviroment and all beings, meat is not forbidden, but is frowned upon & vegitarian eating is encouraged

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