Dxm Extract

DXM Extraction from Coricidin Cough & Cold

Copyright (C) 2000 Delysid Dreamer

BACKGROUND: Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (hereafter refered to as
DXM HBr) is a common over-the-counter antitussive (cough supressant)
which replaced codeine in the early 1960’s because of concerns over
abuse of cough syrups by down and out junkies. However, DXM HBr was
later discovered to have recreational effects, albeit ones not as
universally enjoyable as codeine and other opiates. It is a member
of the drug class dissassociative anaesthetics, and has psychedelic
effects similar to Ketamine (“Special K”) or Phenylcyclidine (PCP).
The most common venue for recreational DXM abuse is the drinking of
cough syrup, which many people find extremely unpleasant. Until
recently, Drixoral CoughCaps, which contained nothing but DXM HBr
(30mg) per tablet, were widely availible and the best source of
recreational DXM around. They were taken off the market, allegedly
because of poor sales, but probably because of abuse. A new product,
Coricidin Cough & Cold, appeared on the market. Coricidin Cough &
Cold (CC&C) contains, in each tablet, 30mg DXM HBr and 4mg of the
antihistamine chloropheniramine maleate (CPM). Coricidin Cough &
Cold tablets became popular recreationally, as they are much
easier to take than cough syrup. However, overdosage of CPM (on
the order of anywhere from 12-300mgs) can cause severe anticholigenic
side effects in susceptable persons, and there *HAVE* been confirmed
deaths due to it’s use. CPM is highly contraindicated in such large
doses, and even though most individuals can handle a medium dose of
it, individual susceptibility varies widely, and even from use to
use by one person, the user is rolling the metaphorical dice every
time it is used.

OBJECTIVE: To, given a supply of Coricidin Cough & Cold (30mg DXM
HBr, 4mg CPM), yield a portion of usable DXM HBr reasonably equal
to the amount in the pills, discarding all or effectively all CPM.

Cold water
Coricidin Cough & Cold pills
Stirring instrument
Crushing instrument (a heavy book or board works fine, if you
have a sturdy plate to collect the powder in)
Fine-grained cloth for extraction (test it out with flour)
Petroleum Ether (optional — for creating a more refined
Gelcaps (optional — for consuming product in a way that
won’t make your stomach turn)


(1) Obtain a sizable quantity of Coricidin Cough & Cold pills.
Note that some 1-10% of the DXM HBr in question will be lost
in the process of the extraction of the CPM, (varying with
the amount of water and the skill of the operator), so
adjust your amounts accordingly. For 1050mg DXM (a mid-3rd
plateau DXM dosage — if this menas nothing to you, read
William White’s excellent DXM FAQ[1] — for a 70kg person
[i.e. your humble author]), 35 Coricidin pills would be
needed (yielding an extreme overdose of 140mg CPM). 10% of
1050 is 105, so use (rounding down) an additional 3 pills,
yielding an extraction ranging from 945mg to 1039mg DXM.
This is a high dosage, and not appropriate for beginners.
Please consult the FAQ for an appropriate dosing for your
weight and experience, and use a similar procedure to
calculate the amount of Coricidn you need.

(2) Place the pills flat (i.e. not on top of one another) on
a wide, sturdy plate (the large rectangular ones you get
at a cafeteria are perfect) and use a board, book, other
plate, or some other heavy instrument to crush them into
a very fine powder. Make sure that there are NO large
particles of pill left, only very fine powder.

(3) Collect all the powder, and place it at the bottom of a
flask or (for the equipment-impaired) a glass. Pour in
enough cold water to cover over the pwoder several times
over — the more water, the more perfect of a CPM
extraction you get, but also you will loose more DXM
in the process.

(4) Stir the water slowly until you get bored (a blender on
a *VERY* slow setting might work, and a blender doesn’t
get bored), and let sit for a few hours.

(5) Discard the water. This is not easy, as the powder will
have the annoying tendancy to go with the water, and
is far too small to be strained off. Evaporation will
*NOT* work, as the CPM will be released back into the
powder mix. You need a very fine grain of cloth to do
this (you can test it first with flour … see if the
flour passes through when you pour water over it …
most garment cloth is okay).

(6) The remaining powder should be DXM HBr, dyes, bindings,
and other shit. Removing dyes and bindings can be easily
done with petroleum ether, but for most purposes it
isn’t really important. Fill gel caps and swallow or
take in a different method. Read the FAQ, have a safe


(1) Bad thins happen if the CPM doesn’t get extracted. Make
bloody sure it does.

(2) Use a trip sitter at all times.

(3) Do not operate heavy machinery, drive, or do anything

(4) Obey all other percautions in the DXM FAQ.

(5) This procedure is *UNTESTED*, and is sound as far
as chemical theory goes, but neither the author nor
to his knowledge anyone else has ingested the
product. DON’T be a guinea pig unless you understand
the risks.


Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide is around 1.5% soluble
in water. Chloropheniramine Maleate is very soluble
in water. Most dyes and binders are soluble in ether.
DXM ain’t. ‘Nuff said.


[1] The DXM FAQ: http://www.frognet.net/ – READ this thing
in it’s entirety before trying *ANYTHING* remotely
related to DXM.

-======================= [ Comment ] =======================-
(the following is not the author’s words, just a revision)

Solubility for DXM HBr in water is 1.5g/100mL at 25 C

That means for every 100ml of water at room temperature, 1.5g of DXM HBr will
dissolve in it.

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