3 steps to Liberation

these are the three steps(in my understanding) of enlightenment
first we must set up something before we knock it down…

so the first step is surrender
next realisation
then finally coping/balance

we give our selves a spiritual platform to jump from, this is called a Dogma(careful strong dogmas can be dangerous) they hepl us preserve the essence of the teaching so it can be passed on orally… the subject surrenders to this Dogma, it becomes their identity.

then the person starts to unravel, to deconstruct their personality, they start to forget the dogma & with it their identity, they fall into Non-duality, they realize the Non-dual eternal truth, they may give it a name(like God, Brahman or the Tao) but it is nameless.. this is their moment of triumph, when they disappear into the boundless ocean of our Mother…

After the enlightenment experience, the subject dwells in nirvana, the infinite sameness of eternity… they to verying degrees go crazy… sometimes they can hardly function while emmersed in this non-dual bliss-truth-existence substance…
one with everything…

after so long the being begins to balance the relative with the absolute & sees the many in the one, learning to function in the world while abideing in Nirvana..
these people become what we call saints

the Steps are as follows;
Dogma; Monism
the first step they learn to identify everything with the Monad, the one is everything… “anthing else is just foolish” so says this neophyte
they exist as one particle of the whole, they meditate to silence the mind & just be one with it all, they often will try to teach everybody they know “The Way” because this is the truth….

at some point the monist after meditating long enough will forget all names & forms… they will “Fall” into Non-duality, they realize without a doubt the non-dual existence, they cease to emperically exist & exist as some sort of “nameless God” totally one with the entire universe & beyond…
appearing to go “crazy” they will disregard job, family, hygene, eating, drinking, & pretty much anything…

balance; Anamism
After the God-man regains his wits & reason about him, the being lives in a state of anamistic realization… duality once again appears but everything is “you” every& thing has spirit… people,plants & animals all appear to be your reflection, yopu from another perspective…
from this point on this spirit man lives as a jiva-mukta(liberated during life) the mind thinks, gets angry,excited, happy, rushed, etc… but there is no identification with it, its just happening, you are just watching…
Mr. king of the universe behind everyones eyes, the person looking out…

a zen master once said
“before enlightenment trees are trees..
during enlightenment, trees are not trees…
after enlightenment, trees are once again trees…”

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