Japa Yoga

Japa meditation is keeping peaceful with mantra and rosary… It is one of the easiest meditation skills to learn. And once one is fully initiated into japa practice it becomes one of the most enjoyable…

a set of Mala Beads

There are many different forms of meditation in the world, and all stress that the single, most important requirement of meditation is to clear your mind of all thoughts. But shutting out thought is not easy. Japa meditation may help to clear your mind of daily worry and soothe your spirit.  Japa meditation uses chanting, or the repetition of a mantra, to focus and silence the mind. Its very simple you repeat a mantra over and over accompanied with a 108 bead mala rosary. With the brains energy being focused on a holy mantra , one has no room for serpent thoughts to come in..

1.Choose your own mantra, which can be any word or phrase that you like, as long as it is positive. Many people will chant the name of their deity, the name of an object they find soothing, such as a river or a flower, or a phrase from a poem or from a holy book. You may prefer to say an ancient Buddhist, Hindu, Sihk, etc. mantras because it is said that they have become more potent over time as saints have spoken them.

Shiva(god) mantras- are used to meditate, they must be spoken internally… they are basic and can be used at any moment.

Shakti(goddess) mantras- are healing and protection mantras they cause energy change to occur as they stimulate shakti energy in the body(also called Rasa). often Bija syllables are implimented just as in any tantra. they may be spoken aloud, silently, or written down.

Say a prayer before you begin your meditation and chanting. The prayer, said with closed eyes, should create a pure and meditative state. Concentrate on either your mind or heart and ask your deity for assistance in your meditation. Then state your mantra once, slowly and clearly. Begin your meditative repetition of your mantra and continue until you finish your meditation.


Do Japa meditation in two forms. You may practice meditation in whispers or a low speaking voice, known as Vaikhari Japa (Shakti). With silent Japa meditation, or Manasika Japa(shiva), you repeat the mantras silently in the mind.

Practice Japa meditation in a seated, cross-legged or lotus position. Most practitioners hold a rosary of 108 beads and chant a mantra for each and every bead, save for the meru or ‘master’ bead.

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