Ajah: tenets

These are the tenets of Ajah Dharma they are flexible, because I’ve read them from my own heart, and things from the heart are not written in words, they are feeling that can be desiphered differently by every person. If there is ever a question as to what you should do, follow you heart…

Five Tenets (the Five Perfections):






When a person looks within and deciphers the scripture of the heart, when one consults the higher self. The holiest laws are found to be these or other similar set of laws. To love is to be loved, to be compassionate and peaceful is the greatest gift you can give to the world…. and as long as we live as men we shall live as men with integrity.

the jewels of Ajah Dharma (expanded spiritual gifts)

  1. Peace & Love, Love all mankind. Don’t harbor hatred in your heart for anyone, and be at peace with yourself.

  2. Truth: always be true to yourself and others.

  3. Moderation: balance in all things even balance.

  4. Equality: all is Ajah, all is equal

  5. Humility, the individual is nothing

  6. Cleanliness, cleanliness is next to godliness 

  7. Contentment, enjoy every gift as a blessing

  8. Simplicity, ‘cooked’ people delight in the ordinary

  9. Self-discipline & study, always strive for greatness in all actions

  10. Ordinary life brings suffering.

  11. The origin of suffering is attachment

  12. The cessation of suffering is freedom.

  13. The Spiritual path is the path to freedom

  14. Surrender to the emptiness of God & you are free

  15. Breathing exercises, to control your energies

  16. Universal morality, 

  17. Body postures & good diet, to stay healthy

  18. Control of the senses, you are the master of your brain & body

  19. Personal observances, treat yourself good

  20. Do what you know to be right. 

  21. Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness

  22. Devotion, Meditation on the Divine

  23. Samadhi :Union with the Divine

  24. Develop a sympathetic understanding of people

  25. preserve the correct ethics

  26. Show loyalty, and it will be returned.

  27. Show respect for others, and they will respect you.

  28. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.

  29. Enhance wisdom by broadening one’s knowledge.
  30. Naturalness, Become one with nature, both with in and without. In other words, love life & love nature.

Attaining these jewels one becomes spiritually rich…

The serious Ajah have also taken to several personal observances such as:  not cutting ones hair (as well as beads, braids, and dreads), often wearing homemade clothes, getting ceremonial tattoos, etc. Of course none of these are required but are fun

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