personal dieties

Personal diety

If you like a certain god or goddess you are welcomed to use it as an image of God, this gives you a face to worship and so helps along sadhana(spiritual Practice.) The diety is, in an ultimate sense, described as “false” because Ajah or Brahman appears as a diety only due to the conditioning of the ego-mind. However, as described earlier, just as the world is true in the pragmatic level, similarly, The diety is also pragmatically true. Just as the world is not absolutely false, the diety is also not absolutely false. He is the distributor of the fruits of Karma. Whenever we talk about Ajah, we are in fact talking about God. God is the highest knowledge theoretically possible. Devotion (Bhakti) will cancel the effects of bad Karma and will bring a person closer to the true knowledge by purifying his mind. Slowly, the difference between the worshipper and the worshipped decreases and upon true knowledge, liberation occurs. Many times this comes off as polythiestic. but all gods are the same even the mother, and the father are the same Ajah…

another way of looking at this is through divisions of the “one thing”

basically what it comes down to is all goddesses are the mother God, and all gods are the Father God, an the mother and father both are Ajah….

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