The Divine

The One Whole Divine

The Great Mystery itself is genderless, omnipresent, and incomprehensible to the human brain. It manifests in this universe as a polarity or balance of forces, which we call feminine (Goddess, shakti) and masculine (God, shiva). This is the duality that must be eventually transcended. Ajah is the state primordial and universal. All human beings are at their center, Ajah. All representations of the Divine are worthy of worship.

Just as all lakes lead to the ocean. All prayers go to the one God.

Shiva(god) & Shakti(goddess): Primary Faces Of The Divine

The shiva is the male divine,father sky, the light of creation, the immoveable spirit, that never dies, pure wisdom, and pure bliss, the I AM. The shakti is the female divine, mother earth,material nature, ego-mind, maya.

Since both yin and yang are Divine, both are equal, and both are necessary to all life, we honour both goddess and god, female and male, Earth and spirit, nature and intellect equally both as the one true God, the same divine consciousness, whom is formless…

its important to understand that there is one force in this universe whom shows itself in limitless forms and personalities.

Personal diety

If you like a certain god or goddess you are welcomed to use it as an image of God, this gives you a face to worship and so helps along sadhana(spiritual Practice.) The diety is, in an ultimate sense, described as “false” because Ajah or Brahman appears as a diety only due to the conditioning of the ego-mind. However, as described earlier, just as the world is true in the pragmatic level, similarly, The diety is also pragmatically true. Just as the world is not absolutely false, the diety is also not absolutely false. He is the distributor of the fruits of Karma. Whenever we talk about Ajah, we are in fact talking about God. God is the highest knowledge theoretically possible. Devotion (Bhakti) will cancel the effects of bad Karma and will bring a person closer to the true knowledge by purifying his mind. Slowly, the difference between the worshipper and the worshipped decreases and upon true knowledge, liberation occurs.

Life is maintained by polarity

All life is created and maintained through the ecstatic dance between these two polarities. Without polarity there is no world without good there is no bad and vice versa.

The whole universe is being created, penetrated and sustained by two fundamental forces, which are permanently in a perfect, indestructible union. These universal aspects are called Shiva and Shakti.
The tradition has associated to these principles a form, respectively that of a masculine deity and that of a feminine one. Accordingly, Shiva represents the constitutive elements of the universe, while Shakti is the dynamic potency, which makes these elements come to life and act.

The divine couple Shiva&Shakti corresponds to two essential aspects of the One love: the masculine principle, which represents the abiding aspect of God, and the feminine principle, which represents Its Energy, the Force which acts in the manifested world, life itself considered at a cosmic level.

From this point of view, Shakti represents the immanent aspect of the Divine, that is the act of active participation in the act of creation. Shiva defines the traits specific to pure transcendence and is normally associated, from this point of view, to a manifestation of Shakti who is somewhat terrible (such as Kali), personification of Her own untamed and limitless manifestation.

The Divine Mother, the feminine energy, Shakti, is considered to be the motive force behind all action and existence in the phenomenal cosmos. The cosmos itself is Shiva, the unchanging, infinite, immanent, and transcendent reality that is the Divine Ground of all being, the “world soul”. Masculine potential is actualized by feminine dynamism, embodied in multitudinous goddesses who are ultimately reconciled in one. Mother Maya, Shakti, herself, can free the individual from demons of ego, ignorance, and desire that bind the soul in Maya(illusion). Practitioners of the Tantric tradition focus on Shakti to free themselves from the cycle of karma.shakti is one and the same with Shiva.

The King of Kings, the male energy, Shiva is the one supreme, universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the phenominal universe. Shiva is sometimes referred to as the Godhead which is the Divine Ground of all matter,energy, time, space,being, and everything in and beyond this universe. Siva or “Brahman” is conceived as personal(“with qualities”), impersonal(“without qualities”) and supreme . Shiva is one and the same as shakti.

The reflections Of The One Divine

The Divine is One, manifesting as the polarity of positive and negative. These two are perceived by humans in a variety of forms, and worshiped as numerous Gods and Goddesses around the world. Each of these holds a piece of the Truth. Yet the whole of the Truth is the One, which unites all existence within Itself.

The mind’s Limitation Of Perception

Since the Divine One is beyond the perception of the mind, all Truth that can be perceived by the 3-dimensional brain must necessarily be incomplete. knowing that . . .

  • All truths contain some piece of Divine Truth,

  • All confusion arises from imperfect perception of Divine Truth,

  • No mortal mind can directly perceive Divine Truth in its natural state,

  • Any mind that directly perceives Divine Truth cannot communicate it to other minds, which are still in their mortal state,

  • All paradox is resolved in the One.

when man tries to know the attributeless Ajah with his mind, under the influence of Ego(maya), Ajah becomes the diety.the diety is Ajah with Ego — the manifested form of Brahman.

The godhead can be described as Saguna Brahman or Ajah with attributes that may be regarded to have a personality with human and Godly attributes. This concept of godhead is also used to visualize and worship in anthropomorphic form deities such as Shiva, Vishnu, the Mother, Christ, etc.

Now the question arises as to why the diety created the world. If one assumes that diety creates the world for any incentive, this slanders the wholeness and perfection of the lord. For example, if one assumes that the lord creates the world for gaining something, it would be against His perfection. If we assume that He creates for compassion, it would be illogical, because the emotion of compassion cannot arise in a blank and void world in the beginning. It is assumed that Creation is recreation or play of Shiva & Shakti. It is His nature, just as it is man’s nature to breathe.

The Unity Of All

The Immanent Divine – Equality Of All Beings

The Great Mystery manifests Itself as all that exists. Which means that the Divine dwells within each of us, and everything else. Every person, every river, every tree, every rock is sacred. The One is the Life Force.

Shiva is spirit the inner divine.

Shakti is matter the outer divine.

God is the inner and the outer, so what else is there other than God?

All Is Sacred

Since the One is manifest in all matter, our bodies and the Earth are sacred. They are Temples in which the Divine dwells. Everything in existence is a Temple of the Divine. It is only our illusions that prevent us from seeing this. All opposites are ultimately illusionary. All is Ajah, all is sacred.

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