whats what

Ajah : Ajah is the Absolute, the one thing that we all are, the first without a second, called Brahman, Weheguru, Para-shiva, God, the Force, etc.

Ajah warrior : an individual or “jiva” who has taken the oath of Ajah. One who knows the oneness of everything, knowing through meditation the truths of monism or non-duality. the Ajah useually blend new age, Hindu, Buddhist, & Sihk, to create a basic understanding of spirituallity.  The Ajah work toward awakening with every moment of every life, practiceing sadhana (spiritual work) and the five Yogas. Ajah place importance somewhat on long hair and dreadlocks in particualar…Ganja is the sacred herb of Ajah, although unneccesary . Many Ajah Warriors choose to live the life of a Sadhu or “new age traveller”.

hope-fulls: students of any Ajah Warrior, but has not taken the Oath, and therefor are not Ajah Warrior.


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