The Ajah recommend regular exercise to all its members, and in particular recommends hatha-yoga and chi-gong.The ancient Greeks and Romans deliberately inserted an hour for exercise, as they also held the body to be sacred. True Ajah do not mortify or neglect the flesh. Exercise can be a discipline in and of itself.you should do what you can to eat as clean as possible, make good judgments about your medications, and create an exercise regimen. You may not be in a position to eat as low on the correct food chart as those living in a House, but you can slowly work up to a healthier diet. While you are actively supporting the consumer culture with your paycheck, put it toward local and organic food whenever possible. There is no reason why you cannot abstain entirely from dangerous hard substances,so we should as a people try to maintain that ethic.

While you are trying to honor the disciplines of the house, you must make sure that your discipline does not inconvenience others with whom you live and work. Do not force it on them, or force them to change their habits for you. Your convenience is the one that is irrelevant here. Do it quietly, without making a show or a scene.

the routine of perfection


(Read art of breathing page if you are unfamiliar to yogic breathing)

surya namaskar- the classic yoga routine, bestowing good health & meditation

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