Join the Ajah

      Ajah has always been, for all beings are Ajah, although absolute he is to be meditated on as dwelling within the center of your being. Ajah is also the name given to a spiritual warrior, one who combats the universal enemy: self-ignorance(ego) ultimate source of suffering, the Ajah Warrior are those who are awake. The Spiritual Warrior is a person who challenges the dreams of fear, lies, false beliefs, and judgments that create suffering and unhappiness in his or her life. It is a war that takes place in the heart and mind of a man or woman. The quest of the Spiritual Warrior is the same as spiritual seekers around the world. The Spiritual Warrior faces this challenge with the clarity and awareness that this war is fought within himself and that Truth and unconditional love are on the other side of these battles. The Ajah, the spiritual warrior’s only complete and right practice is to compassionately teach the ways of wisdom, peace &understanding. The Ajah is one who studys, worships, serves, and use the mystical energy that is Ajah. To win the war against fear requires awareness, courage, discipline, and commitment to transform the emotional body. These are some of the characteristics of a Ajah warrior.

To become an Ajah warrior, simply follow these instruction, as well as your heart..

step 1) assess whether or not you are ready for a spiritual path, then contemplate your place in the universe.

step 2) research & study Sadhus, saints, & swamis, Zen, Rastafari , Vedanta, hindism, buddhism, sihks, etc…

step 3) meditate until you come  to the point of true seeing. if you already have this seeing, move on.

step 4) fill a small cup with water, raise your cup.

then say the Oath…


As Sacred Ajah(God) as my witness,
I shall realize my oneness with the eternal spirit.
I shall merge all opposites of duality.
So that I may be a teacher
and protector of the one people.
With true love for Ajah.
I swear this, my holy pledge.
I declare I Am.

step 5)  live as an oath barer of the Ajah… you are Ajah as long as you keep clarity of vision, and love in your heart. the Ajah warrior is a holy man,

fools may think “I’m God so i can act however i want” but a Ajah knows ” I am God, and so are you, its time we start acting like God, the buddha natured.” dont fall in traps of ego, ego is dieing, ego is limited, you are Ajah the absolute.

step 6) do an initiation ritual, either by your self with God as your witness. or In a group, by a teacher.

step 7) what good is your own happiness, if you cannot share it with others.  Once you are awake, and stay awake, start teaching others the ways of Ajah.

step 8) wear white & black often, as they are the colors of opposites which are brought together, they are the colors of an Ajah. this is largely symbolic and is not necessary to be Ajah. an Ajah is a knower of his own heart, and thus “needs” nothing…



(superior initiation)

Ajah also recognizes any other initiations, such as tantrk, wiccan, and Buddhist.

This is a framework and can be changed.

Seekers may meditate and or make offerings to the gods. It will be the job of the Guide to escort the initiate to the initiation area.

For this particular rite The Seeker is escorted to the waiting area, where they are asked to remove their clothing cover themselves in a simple cloth.

In the initiation area, guru will designate a sacred space, noting that all is sacred.

The Guru should bless the initiates gifts of orange cloth, spiritual name, and mala beads.

Once all items have been consecrated by the guru, he will signal the the Seeker into the initiation area.

If more than one Seeker is being initiated, each should be led in individually, and the initiation area should be far enough away so that Seekers who are waiting cannot hear what is taking place.

Guru: what is your name.

The Seeker: says name.

Guru: has the time come for you to wake up from this dream.

Seeker: yes

Guru: then know that you are the seeker and the sought.

Guru: Seeker, before you are initiated are you ready to be purified?


The Seeker is then ritually purified with earth, air, water, and fire– salt or sand, incense, candle, and consecrated water.

Guru: Through steadfast devotion you are liberated.

Through action rightly performed you are liberated.

Through pure concentration you are liberated.

Through the knowledge you are liberated.

Seeker, through devoted practice of yoga and love of the absolute,

You will seek to know the self, and attain Enlightenment through direct proportion to your efforts.

Let the Devas and Devis guide you on your travels.

Guru:are you prepared to understand your unity with the absolute

Seeker:I am.

Guru: will you dedicate your efforts towards spiritual fulfillment,

until you are realized in your unity with the supreme unity of Ajah


Guru:Then rise, [Name], and emerge from the womb of darkness, and be welcomed into the light and love of the Supreme. You are no longer limited for you are the supreme,may you roam the world as a deity.

At this time, the Guru should present the newly-initiated Ajah with his or her consecrated gifts.

Guru:I give you these tools, and bid you use them wisely, and always in accordance with the mandates and guidelines of our tradition.

The Guru hugs and kisses the devotee.

Guru:Welcome, [Name], to your new family. May you be blessed by the Gods.

If you wish, the Guru may give the Dedicant a mark of the initiate.



(inferior initiation)

This ritual should be performed as close to the full moon as possible. You should be nude and wear no jewelry of any kind.

On the altar, a small dish of anointing oil should be placed between the water and the salt.

Take up the altar candle and, starting from the east and moving clockwise, light the Circle candles in the four quarters. Return to the altar and replace the altar candle. Place the tip of your forefinger into the salt and concentrate your energy into and say:

Salt is Life. Let this Salt be pure and let it purify my life as I use it in this Rite, dedicated to the Truth of the One

Now take three pinches of salt and drop them, one at a time, into the water. Stir the water three times around dosile with your finger and say:

Let the Sacred Salt drive out any impurities in this Water that together they may be used in the service of these deities; throughout these Rites and at any time and in any way I may use them.

Say: I am here of my own free will and accord, in Peace and in Love.

Dip your forefinger in the salted water and mark a Tilak on your forehead in the position of the Third Eye. Then mark a star on your chest over your spiritual heart. Say:

Say: I now invite the Devas to witness this Rite I hold in their honor. Hold your hand with finger pointing up high in salute as you now

say: Shiva & Shakti; Lord and Lady; Father and Mother of All Life, guard me and guide me within this Circle and without it, in all things. So mote it be.

Kiss your hand to the Lord and the Lady, then take up a cup and spill a little of the holy water on the ground (or into the libation dish) as an offering to the God with the words:

To Great Ajah….

Take a drink and then replace the cup on the altar with the words:

Now is the Temple erected,and so I shall be the priest. So be it.

Sit or kneel before the altar, head bowed, and meditate for a few on the emptiness, Then stand and lift both hands high above the altar and say:

great Shiva hear me now! I am here holding thee in honor. Far have I journeyed and long have I searched, seeking the Truth of liberation. I am of the trees and of the fields. I am of the woods and of the springs; the streams and the hills. I am of thee and thee of me.

Lower your arms.

Make me an I. Well do I know the creed: That if I do not have that spark of Love within me, then will I never find it without me. Love is the Law and Love is the Bond. All this I honor above all else.

Kiss your right hand and hold it high.

Do Gayatri 108 times, on Rosery

Grand Supreme, here do I stand before you, naked and unadorned, to dedicate myself to ones honor.You are my life and I am yours.

Take up the cup and slowly pour the remainder of the wine on to the ground, saying:

As this water drains from the cup, so let the blood drain from my body should I Succumb to the Ego. OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

Say: As a sign of my recreation I take unto myself a new name. Henceforth I shall be known as (Name) for this life. So mote it be!

Now sit comfortably and, with eyes closed, meditate on what the Absolute. It may well be that at this time you will receive some indication that you are indeed in touch with the Divine. Luxuriate in the feeling of coming home;When you have finished meditating, if you feel like singing or dancing or celebrating in any other way, go ahead and do so.

Then, when you are ready, stand and raise both hands high and say:


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