wise words from some wise masters

“let us be silent for so are the gods” –
Pagan wisdom

“Listening not to me but to the Logos,
it is wise to agree that all things are one.”

“Oneness is like the clear blue sky–everything arises, unfolds, and subsides within its all-compassion. Oneness is our real Self. Everything is an aspect of Oneness. Our quest to know this comes from Oneness.”
Abhinavagupta (Kashmr Saivism)

“Being without passion, behold the source! Being with passion, behold the flow! The two are one–born of the same root, differently named when they appear. Both may be called mystery. Going from mystery to deeper mystery, enter the secret of life!”

Lao Tzu

“Pantheists are ‘monists’…they believe that there is only one Being, and that all other forms of reality are either modes (or appearances) of it or identical with it.”
H. P. Owen

The Way of St. John of the Cross

The Song of the Soul that Delights in Reaching the Supreme State of perfection, that is, the union with God, by the path of spiritual negation

By Saint John of the Cross

– Verses on the Ecstasy of Deep Contemplation

I entered where there is no knowing,

and unknowing I remained,

all knowledge there transcending.


Where no knowing is I entered,
yet when I my own self saw there

without knowing where I rested

great things I understood there,

yet cannot say what I felt there,

since I rested in unknowing,

all knowledge there transcending.


Of peace and of holy good

there was perfect knowing,

in profoundest solitude

the only true way seeing,

yet so secret is the thing

that I was left here stammering,

all knowledge there transcending.


I was left there so absorbed,

so entranced, and so removed,

that my senses were abroad,

robbed of all sensation proved,

and my spirit then was moved

with an unknown knowing,

all knowledge there transcending.


He who reaches there in truth

from himself is parted though,

and all that before he knew

seems to him but base below,

his knowledge increases so

that knowledge has an ending,

all knowledge there transcending.


The higher he climbs however

the less he’ll ever understand,

because the cloud grows darker

that lit the night on every hand:

whoever visits this dark land

rests forever in unknowing,

all knowledge there transcending.


This knowledge of unknowing

is of so profound a power

that no wise men arguing

will ever supersede its hour:

their wisdom cannot reach the tower

where knowing has an ending,

all knowledge there transcending.


It is of such true excellence

this highest understanding,

no science, no human sense,

has it in its grasping,

yet he who, by self-conquering

grasps knowing in unknowing,

goes evermore transcending.


And in the deepest sense,

this highest knowledge lies,

of the divine essence,

if you would be wise:

his mercy so it does comprise,

each one leaving in unknowing,

all knowledge there transcending..”

Krishna Says…

krishna tells us the wise do not upset the minds of the ingnorant, they choose to be ignorant, & will only stop being ignorant with time…

na buddhi-bhedam janayed
ajnanam karma-sanginam
josayet sarva-karmani
vidvan yuktah samacaran

“Let not the wise disrupt the minds of the ignorant who are attached to fruitive action, they should not be encouraged to refrain from work, but to engage in work in the spirit of devotion. ”

just like children, who are puzzled by the universe & beyond, confused by terrestrial life, they wander about in delusion, but you cannot be angry, they will understand once they have grown up…
when will they grow up… thats simple, when they grow up…

this sense of freewill is a lie in the brain, what happens happens, we are not actors but simply re-actors, just a domino in the line getting knocked about life…But the ignorant thinking they are “doers” simply will not realize this until they are ready..
we dont pick a fruit from a tree until its ripe, that would be foolish it will only taste sour…
so dont try to worry the mind with the suffering of others, they have chosen this, thats karma, even if you told them all the way to escape suffering, they will identify with the local body & will not listen to you anyways…

so dont ever try to enlighten others instead tell people to do good works, be loving, and work out of love for your deity(whether their “deity” is a personification of God, their child, or even money…)
when they are ready they will come, or perhaps they will go somewere else… then they to will disappear into God…

who am i , what am i, what is this, why is this…
its all just nothing, nothing, nothing!

in Hinduism the sages say ; Neti Neti (truth is neither this nor this alone)

how true, truth is all encompasing, taking in account all things…

Buddha said net neti when he called the truth shunya or “emptiness”…
How appropriate “emptiness”!
everything is empty, everything is whole, everything is without true identity….

stay with the question, until you disappear…

Why Jesus(God) prayed to God

Many people have asked why Jesus Prayed to God, who he is…

Jesus it would seem saw God in all things, & all things in God.
He called it the holy Spirit, just as Buddhists call it Shunya, & the Hindus call it Brahman…

In liberation teachings(of really any people) they tell us that the supreme is all things, each body is but a particle of his grace…
just as pots and jars cant be anything other than clay, names & forms cant be anything other than God.

so in the context of liberation teachings, Jesus’ actions made alot of sense…
Ya see. in Prayer Jesus meditated deeply on the holy spirit which is like the wind, of the nature of space… He realized that he himself is Christ… That the holy spirit lived within him….
(in India, the portion of the Holy Spirit; or Brahman that dwells within a body is called the soul or Atman…)
He preached through prayer & unshakable faith one reached the Spirit, By meditating on the spirit in worship, the individual disappears and all that exists is Christ, The Spirit Supreme.
He also preached Good works, for by through undiscriminating Charity & love, we give of our self freely & are content with what the Lord Gives us in this life.

He saw all beings as come from the Spirit, which is pure love, which Jesus called Christ(lit. trans: annointed one) or the holy spirit, & also Father…

The trinity is comprised of the Father, the son, & the Holy spirit…
The Father is the Spirit of fate that is the doer of all things in this world…This is the portion of God we pray to for assistance.
The Son is Christ, the Super-Soul, the portion of God that dwells within all beings and gives them life…
The Holy Spirit is all that is, The Father, and The Son… all things come from the spirit, and thus in one form or another all things are the Holy Spirit…

It becomes so clear, once one passes through the haze of delusion one sees the spirit in all things, and all things in the spirit…

Jesus realized his own nature as Christ, but he couldnt go around saying im God and your not… that would be delusion…
so what did he do, he prayed to God…

Jesus switched between seeing many particles of the one true God, thus he saw the Sons& the father….
we are all the Children of God, particles(like blood cells) of God… we are literally the body of God!
The Son is the inner Holy Spirit,
The Father is the outer Holy Spirit…
Jesus was The Christ… His name was Jesus of Nazereth
“me & my Father are one”- Jesus

So when in Meditative prayer, Jesus saw that he was God, eternal & supreme…
But when he interacted with others he saw them as Brothers, and prayed to the Father as the head of his spiritual family….
So when existing in the dualistic world, he was the Son of God…
But when he freed his mind of Duality all that is left is God…

It makes so much sense, Jesus preached love, he saw us all as one family, and taught us of the Spirit Supreme,that spirit of life by which all things are done, & without which nothing can be accomplished..

However Jesus lived in a time of pagans and hebrews… the Hebrew followers adopted him as a messiah attaching their scriptures to him, and the Roman pagans described him as a deity much like their own pagan gods..
these corruptions were cemented in time by the catholic church, which formed the basis of further Christian religions..
Christ wanted to teach us to come from that genuine place of the heart, and leave behind the worship of idols either in chuches or held within our minds…

I find Christ to be a hero and truelly one with God…
Jesus new that to see this Holy Spirit one must become like a little child, a return to innocence, to throw up the fruit of mortal knowledge in order to see the Holy Spirit of Christ

Contemplate the absolute always.

God is a Man-eater & so people are offered to God in the fire of Yoga, in the times of old people sacrificed & offered animals up, this is because those to whom the offerings were offered to was not God…

& Christ said; “blessed on one who is before coming into being for whoever is, was, & will be” – Philip; the lost Gospel

How the Yogis
describe Brahman:

In the highest golden sheath is Brahman,
stainless, without parts;
Pure is it, the light of lights.
This is what the knowers of the Self know.
The sun shines not there,
nor the moon and stars,
these lightnings shine not,
where then could this fire be?
His shining illumines all this world.
Brahman, verily, is this Deathless.

—Mundaka Upanishad

How the Buddha
describes Emptiness:

Where water, earth, heat
and wind find no footing,
there no stars gleam,
no sun is made visible,
there shines no moon,
there the darkness is not found;
When the sage, the brahmin,
himself in wisdom knows this place
he is freed from the form
and formless realms,
from happiness and suffering.

—the Udana

contemplate these things…

Begging for Bodhichitta

transforming the mind into the mind of a sadhu, is difficult, even if the mind is trained it is a rough life…
but soaked in Self-knowledge, despite the bedbugs, the fleas, the hunger, the cold, the heat and all other imagined qualities… with self-knowledge one shines like a lamp in a jar, inwardly….

to give up your identity, to give up the you-ness, is scary!
for as long as this body breaths you will have to beg to eat!
for as long as this body breaths it walks as a dead man, a no body, an everybody, living as God… living as one with all beings

abide in substance never in form
abide in substance never in form
abide in substance never in form…

i am not the sculpture i am the clay,
this body this mind and all its perceptions were never mine
yet this body is made out of ME…
everyone is made out of ME…
everyone is ME…

on account of many intellects i am reflected in all individuals as the self…
just like the moon in water, there are many ponds that reflect the moon but there was always only ONE MOON.

Each reflection is obscured by the vibrations in the pond, and in the same way the self found in an intelligence appear to have many qualities…

i am not the pain nor the pleasure.
these feelings were never mine, just a quality of this mind
these thoughts were never mine, just a quality of the mind,
this mind was never mine, it is a quality of the body
this body was never mine, it is a quality of nature
nature; material nature, whos true nature is cosmic consciousness

nature which is ‘wet’ with consciousness, I live in every atom of existence, & also inbetween the atoms…

i have infinite manifestation, which this body is only one aspect of, all beings & things are my manifestation…

this body is just a body , the mind is just a mind…
this person never existed, only a corner of nature, a portion of consciouss-energy. there is no ‘thing’ just part of the scenery….

wearing little clothing, eating beggers portions, wearing the hair in matted knots, surrendering to nature, to destiny, being “eaten” by God, the Ascetic is dissolved into the irriducible absolute, & there fore is never bound…
meditating on “i am Brahman” , one is freed of all relative existence abandons all codes and creeds, seeing them as hollow & non-existent; the “knower” uses false names to describe truth…….

“who cares?” says the “knower”
“if all is one and one is all, how can i ever suffer, how can i die?”
& thus the world becomes the playground for the Ascetic…

the ascetic prattles on about Truth, truth is beyond all words, thus any description is atleast in part non-sensical… the ascetic says “i am the grass, i am the trees, i am the walrus”; but how strange to hear from the human…

after uninterupted reflection, and humiliation burning away all ego, the individual then disappears into that conscious-nature; the only object of adoration, the only “object” in existence….
Ramana says; there is no jnani(knower) only jnana(knowledge)…

Subjective & Objective Enlightenment

“enlightenment” or what would be described as non-dual realization is the assimilation &/or reconciliation of all opposites into a end all be all truth…
this truth is trully indescribable because language itself is dualistic…

As Long as the brain fuctions it will generate opinions, ideas, and thoughts… so there is no point tring to subdue them, it is like binding an elephant with a single thread, it will always break loose!
The goal of liberation teachings is to extricate your self from your minds turnings & bodys sensations…so they pass like clouds, you just watching them go by.
So in order to realize truth beyond an intellectual level, we must generate what is called Bodhichitta(mind of awakening), by generateing a mind of awakening, the mind when shaken will always find its way back to bliss, & at advanced levels any sort of depression becomes non-existent…the mind is bent on always leading the focus onto the eternal in things… we do this through study, chanting(reading scriptures & good books outloud), constant spiritual practice, meditation, & selfless service…

enlightenment itself is a fiction created by unenlightened people to describe how differant people who know all differance to be false, are & act.
It could be said that “enlightenment” is a never ending path, there is no end to the realizations of the self~

To develope bodhichitta, the mind of awakening; one must intelligently merge both the subjective & objective realities into a unified whole…

Brahman is the word used to describe the unified whole, Brahman is Sat(truth) Chit(energy) ananda(bliss)…
the Non-dual brahman is decribed through duality… they appear different but are one as ;Form is Formlessness given Form.
Naguna(without quality)- consciousness, formlessness, infinit ,invisible, real, eternal, the original Brahman, & the original primordial substance of all things.
Saguna(with qualities)-carbon based matter, all form, finite, visible to the senses, the ever changing illusion. all “things” are made out of Naguna Brahman, when Naguna Brahman is given form it is called Saguna Brahman… but just as pot cant be anything other than clay; saguna/form cannot be anything other than the formlessness it is made out of…
well form is Matter & formlessness is consciousness, ergo all is consciousness…
Buddha described it as Samsara(things in TIME) & Nirvana(ETERNITY)
“nirvana is samsara
samsara is nirvana…”
– The Buddha

After learning all this, a being will decide
“It is time to take the plunge into the abyss!” & will need a Gurupeetha(seat of the Guru) or system for developing & keeping Bodhichitta(a mind of a saint)…

the one truth is simple yet infinitly complex… the manifest arises from the unmanifest and back again, consciousness is the unmanifets…
most of all… All is one, & of the nature of infinity…

the Objective route is meant to merge your self(your small/false self, the EGO) into the whole…
one in a state of oblective realization will say;
“I dont exist, none of us exist, only God exists, all is God, all is God’s grace,all is God’s will…. I have no will, there is only the will of God…”
seeing the whole, the awakened mind will understand his being as a particle or cell of God… or a single in an ocean in infinity…
your self shrinks until it ceases to exist empirically… then when there is no “you” there is only God…. thus one “acheives” yoga(union with God) “you are eaten by God,& verilly become God…

the subjective route is meant to realize the true nature of your being, WHO are YOU? realizeing the true nature of reality as consciousness, and realizeing your spirit/true self as consciousness, you realize your own self as the whole… a person in subjective realization says; “I am other than my body, mind, senses, or memory… i am neti neti(neither this nor this alone), i am conscioussness; unmoving & unshaken, i am immortal & eternal… I am God.”
Seeing the whole the awakened mind sees all as the self and nothing else… He has lost all fear as he sees all beings in his own self, & his own self within all beings…
seeing the whole as conscioussness, the objective world becomes engulfed swallowed byyour presense, an overwhelming sense of invinsibility comes into the mind, although without being ignorant of the dangers a body can not endure without breaking down…

this would be relative to both hindus & buddhist thought, i hope you have enjoyed learning about liberation…Nameste


“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.” – Albert Einstein

The songs of forest,
Trees of the unseen word.
That word of the gods,
That we have kept.

The word is not corruptible, the Word alive
Again the river, keeping the mystery
Family of the gods in our hands
Word resurrected from fire
For me!”
-Aркона, “Слово” (Akrona, “Slovo”)

a good laugh! lol


who am i- i am nothing & no one… ask were has this “me” come from, it has only come from totality…. this totality is known to the ignorant as Nature(as this is the totality of form, which is made from formlessness) but this totality is known to the wise as Consciousness(as Consciousness is formlessness, which is irriducible)…

who am I? I am nothing, only another corner of Nature….

What am I? I am Consciousness… Consciousness which is Formlessness, the Ancients called Consciousness Brahman, but when consciousness developes the form of a brain, it is percieved as Self… the Supreme Immortal Self…

but it was never our Identity, Identity is a lie created in the brain…
What I am; I have always been, unending, immortal, irriducible energy… this will never change… this is “my” true nature…

WHO I am; is always changing, it is nothing more than an idea in the brain….
to have an ego based on your true nature is to become God, but it is still EGO;”i am immortal, eternal, and beginningless, I am God!”
it is primal identity sure, but it is still identity, it is made up, its a lie…

I never had an identity, my self has always been, & will always be…. by relaxing the ego’s grip, a being can find perfect & eternal happiness by disappearing into the scenery…

the body is there, the mind is there;
the eyes see, but i am not seeing,
the ears hear, but i am not hearing,
the brain percieves, but i do not percieve.

what i am is energy(which is another name for consciousness normally identified outside a body)

it(this I) does nothing it just is…. it fulfills its purpose, the way of nature, the will of God…
i am without a will, because there is no “me” here(its a product of the minds confusion)
even “my” descisions are not mine, they are created through the brains quantification of the enviroment..”the mind is a product of is enviroment”

just the flowing of nature….

all being comes from non-being…

all nature when reduced to its absolute, is consciousness/Energy/or even God…
but no “one” is God either , thats an imaginary friend, a false identity superimposed of the Formless Absolute…

yet people say “the will of God”
to say this is only as a service of kindness to the ignorant who still live as the many, instead of the ONE which is understood once identity is demolished through dicipline…
this is the secret to “enlightenment”

the will of God- is not the will of a supernatural deity… the will of God is the way of nature, the eternal way from which all things find their way… THE WAY…

God didnt decide to do things, this is not the origine of the ‘will of God’ …
the “will of God” is inevitability, what must come, what will come…

there was never an individual will, only nature, only the will of God…

the Laymans way of saying this is “Sh*t happens, get over it….”

knowing all this how can one conceive of complaining, or feel angry at the halting of the mind’s plans, or the turnings of nature(including human nature)…

seeing this great unity, how can we ever be unhappy, how can this “i” be unhappy….
the idea of this seperate “I” is born of the brain & it will die with the brain…

their was never an ” I ” to feel unhappy…..
“I” dont exist, what is here, has always been here…
realizeing this one uncovers the supreme secret…
the secret of Immortality…



whats left to write, or say, or teach, or be, or do…

I never DO anything, I just AM & nature manifests…

Any sense of going back is only a suggestion in the mind

Namaste’ again


what is God, God is the primal ego/identity of the self…

the first being, called Brahma or Isvara was God, an emmenation from the Supreme Spirit in order for the self to direct its power it needed a brain…
also in worship anything focused on as divine is God; a totem, a teacher, a fire, a scripture, food, pot, the sky, the earth, wind, etc….

when we live ordinary lives we create egos based on what the body does in life, “im a firefighter”,
“im a drug dealer”, “im a cop”, etc…

But when, a being realizes his true nature, but has yet to fully understand what this means, becomes God…

when a being knows his true nature as unborn undieing everywere at once God-consciousness, his brain will generate thoughts just like before, but now it generates an ego(identity) based on his true self, which is God…

for instance the awakened mind would excitingly yell “im the lord of the universe! im the eternal neverdieing, all sprung from my invisible nature, and i am the heart & soul of all beings, i am love, i am peace, these mere mortals only see my lower form!” -so says the Seer of Brahman

they still “exist” but know their self, but simply the fact that some”one” is there means their is someone to get hurt or killed or get hungry, or get horney or bored…. this is why existence was made so the self can gain a personality and screw around in this playground world…

but many people like adi shankara, lao tzu, buddha, mooji, all discovered a loophole in the system, if you drop your personality, and reassimilate with everything, you cease to empirically exist, you become nothing & no “one, you die a living death….
once you are gone only conscioussness remains, which in & of itself is Freedom from all misery…

but in order to get to that point one must first realize their true nature… to become God is to go on the “final trip” no more after this, once its over you are neither here nor there nor anywere, you no longer EXIST…

I am nothing in particular….
I am everything in general…

so proclaim The Luminous Mantra

This Mantra is the unsurpassed mantra, the mantra, that destroys all ignorance, the highest mantra…

WHAT AM I?—Consciousness

it is repeated rythmically either counted on the knuckles or on a rosery.

Who am I? one of the most asked questions in mankinds history, who am I, what is MY identity, what defines me as a person?
the answer is simple; you are no one, i am no one, we have no inherent identity, just different corners of nature… people perceive differences due to the many qualities of nature, this is ignorance, as any way we look at it, all this is one world(one people, one nature) there is only one “space” everything is apart of the whole, alone we are nothing, as individuals, we are nothing, we are just part of natures scenery…

What am I? well if im nothing, then what the hell am I? nature, but go one step further & realize that at the heart of all nature as well as all reality outside nature is consciousness… God consciousness, it is bigger than anything else, it precedes creation & any notion of a deity, it gave birth to the universe….

who am I – no one
what am I – Consciousness

by repeating this mantra, you remind the mind constantly of your absolute nature, which is always static, & never changing… which is one with the Lord…


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