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Ajah constantly see the beauty of nature and the natural ways of mankind. To achieve a realization of Unity, they often reject modern western “society”, calling it Babylon, which is often understood as entirely corrupt, however it is also understood that this a duality of the mind. Babylon is considered to be a rebellion against Nature whom is one with Ajah or God..

To be in Harmony with the universe is to understand the fundamental unity of every thing..

there is one self or “Awareness of being” picked up by all living beings and therefore we have One soul…

The body & mind as well are but only products of the environment, a human being is a part of the world as much as a tree or a rock. The body-mind absorbs whatever is around it, everything from language to health comes or is learned from the elements around that individual. Just as a rock that is subjected to the elements will whither with time. so there are not many things but only one Nature…..

so nature and everything somehow deriving from Nature is the Body of God..

And the collective awareness identified as the spirit is the Soul of God …

How can there be anything but the Unity of God…


helpful info about the enlightenment process

1) the first thing is the basic desire for happiness, one usually first tries indulgence.

2) after failing to find solace one tries spirituality…

3) next you find a spiritual path that encourages spiritual growth

Hindu, Buddhist, Sihk, Taoist,Gnostic Christianity, Sufi (islam mystics), kabbalah (Jewish mystics)…just to name a few…

sadhu baba

Buddhist monks

Sihk warrior-saints

a Shaman

4) now you are an initiate…   In this stage you strictly follow the wisdom of saints, sages, and masters. It is a purifying stage of spiritual evolution… there has yet to be any true experience only faith in secondhand knowledge. In this stage you follow strict codes, rules, and regulations…. you use these strict rules as a boat to carry you towards illumination and enlightenment.

massive muslim prayer- an example of devotion

5) This is the real beginning of the journey…. you experience unity yourself. a samhadi (dissolution of the self in meditation) you experience this truth yourself for the first time….

This is called an “illumination” true knowledge is attained, but you may periodically “fall from grace” so to speak. One exercises and learns to control this divine state via spiritual practice (sadhana), the more absorbed in that state you become, the more the ego is dropped off.

This should be thought of as a spiritual awakening or ‘little’ enlightenment… at this point having known Buddhahood firsthand, one is fit to teach a disciple…

spiritual awakening

waking up to see the sun shining

6) Solidification of knowledge…. once you stay in your pure awareness, once you stop identifieing with the mind-body organism, you are one with God, in a perfect Yoga(union), a living Buddha….

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As you read you receive infinite blessings, via written transmission.