Krishna Says…

krishna tells us the wise do not upset the minds of the ingnorant, they choose to be ignorant, & will only stop being ignorant with time…

na buddhi-bhedam janayed
ajnanam karma-sanginam
josayet sarva-karmani
vidvan yuktah samacaran

“Let not the wise disrupt the minds of the ignorant who are attached to fruitive action, they should not be encouraged to refrain from work, but to engage in work in the spirit of devotion. ”

just like children, who are puzzled by the universe & beyond, confused by terrestrial life, they wander about in delusion, but you cannot be angry, they will understand once they have grown up…
when will they grow up… thats simple, when they grow up…

this sense of freewill is a lie in the brain, what happens happens, we are not actors but simply re-actors, just a domino in the line getting knocked about life…But the ignorant thinking they are “doers” simply will not realize this until they are ready..
we dont pick a fruit from a tree until its ripe, that would be foolish it will only taste sour…
so dont try to worry the mind with the suffering of others, they have chosen this, thats karma, even if you told them all the way to escape suffering, they will identify with the local body & will not listen to you anyways…

so dont ever try to enlighten others instead tell people to do good works, be loving, and work out of love for your deity(whether their “deity” is a personification of God, their child, or even money…)
when they are ready they will come, or perhaps they will go somewere else… then they to will disappear into God…

who am i , what am i, what is this, why is this…
its all just nothing, nothing, nothing!

in Hinduism the sages say ; Neti Neti (truth is neither this nor this alone)

how true, truth is all encompasing, taking in account all things…

Buddha said net neti when he called the truth shunya or “emptiness”…
How appropriate “emptiness”!
everything is empty, everything is whole, everything is without true identity….

stay with the question, until you disappear…

Contemplate the absolute always.

God is a Man-eater & so people are offered to God in the fire of Yoga, in the times of old people sacrificed & offered animals up, this is because those to whom the offerings were offered to was not God…

& Christ said; “blessed on one who is before coming into being for whoever is, was, & will be” – Philip; the lost Gospel

How the Yogis
describe Brahman:

In the highest golden sheath is Brahman,
stainless, without parts;
Pure is it, the light of lights.
This is what the knowers of the Self know.
The sun shines not there,
nor the moon and stars,
these lightnings shine not,
where then could this fire be?
His shining illumines all this world.
Brahman, verily, is this Deathless.

—Mundaka Upanishad

How the Buddha
describes Emptiness:

Where water, earth, heat
and wind find no footing,
there no stars gleam,
no sun is made visible,
there shines no moon,
there the darkness is not found;
When the sage, the brahmin,
himself in wisdom knows this place
he is freed from the form
and formless realms,
from happiness and suffering.

—the Udana

contemplate these things…

Begging for Bodhichitta

transforming the mind into the mind of a sadhu, is difficult, even if the mind is trained it is a rough life…
but soaked in Self-knowledge, despite the bedbugs, the fleas, the hunger, the cold, the heat and all other imagined qualities… with self-knowledge one shines like a lamp in a jar, inwardly….

to give up your identity, to give up the you-ness, is scary!
for as long as this body breaths you will have to beg to eat!
for as long as this body breaths it walks as a dead man, a no body, an everybody, living as God… living as one with all beings

abide in substance never in form
abide in substance never in form
abide in substance never in form…

i am not the sculpture i am the clay,
this body this mind and all its perceptions were never mine
yet this body is made out of ME…
everyone is made out of ME…
everyone is ME…

on account of many intellects i am reflected in all individuals as the self…
just like the moon in water, there are many ponds that reflect the moon but there was always only ONE MOON.

Each reflection is obscured by the vibrations in the pond, and in the same way the self found in an intelligence appear to have many qualities…

i am not the pain nor the pleasure.
these feelings were never mine, just a quality of this mind
these thoughts were never mine, just a quality of the mind,
this mind was never mine, it is a quality of the body
this body was never mine, it is a quality of nature
nature; material nature, whos true nature is cosmic consciousness

nature which is ‘wet’ with consciousness, I live in every atom of existence, & also inbetween the atoms…

i have infinite manifestation, which this body is only one aspect of, all beings & things are my manifestation…

this body is just a body , the mind is just a mind…
this person never existed, only a corner of nature, a portion of consciouss-energy. there is no ‘thing’ just part of the scenery….

wearing little clothing, eating beggers portions, wearing the hair in matted knots, surrendering to nature, to destiny, being “eaten” by God, the Ascetic is dissolved into the irriducible absolute, & there fore is never bound…
meditating on “i am Brahman” , one is freed of all relative existence abandons all codes and creeds, seeing them as hollow & non-existent; the “knower” uses false names to describe truth…….

“who cares?” says the “knower”
“if all is one and one is all, how can i ever suffer, how can i die?”
& thus the world becomes the playground for the Ascetic…

the ascetic prattles on about Truth, truth is beyond all words, thus any description is atleast in part non-sensical… the ascetic says “i am the grass, i am the trees, i am the walrus”; but how strange to hear from the human…

after uninterupted reflection, and humiliation burning away all ego, the individual then disappears into that conscious-nature; the only object of adoration, the only “object” in existence….
Ramana says; there is no jnani(knower) only jnana(knowledge)…


I call on all people to be strong, to walk tall with their backs straight and there chins up. To live with integrity, and to teach others the ways of integrity… You are I, you are Ajah, one who is regarded as having great knowledge and wisdom, and who uses it to guide others (Priest, Teacher, Guru, Ras).

“To bring back the natural harmony that humans once enjoyed.
To save the planet from present practices of destruction.
To find and re-employ real truth.
To promote true balance between both genders.
To share and be less materialistic.
To become rid of prejudice.
To learn to be related.

To be kind to animals and take no more than we need.
To play with one’s children and love each equally and fairly.
To be brave and courageous, enough so,
to take a stand and make a commitment.
To understand what Generations Unborn really means.
To accept the Great Mystery
in order to end foolish argument over religion.”

– True Pathwalkers

Ajah is in all places at all times,& in its purest form this principle manifests on earth as a divine incarnation, a person with supreme knowledge about God and all creation. The Mystic is the knower of God, a saint which can see God at any time he so desires. I & I are all divine incarnations if we can just remember, I is Ajah with a mind& body, deities who roam the the earth.

I & I, verily all who have learned the essential unity of life & death, have done so out of the supreme self’s desire to awaken all facets of ones self… we live so long in the illusion we forget whats real and whats not, and we fall to sleep…

But ‘I’ is strong we will not fall into the sleep of localized existance, we shall forever remember the truth that is One…

I & I will carry through

One of the most distinctive (in my mind anyway) Rasta lingo is the substitution”I-and-I” for other pronouns, usually the first person. “I”, as used in the examples above, refers to Jah; therefore, “I-and-I” in the first person includes the presence of the divine within the individual.

As “I-and-I” can also refer to “us,” “them,” or even “you,” it is used as a practical linguistic rejection of the separation of the individual from the community, and God its self.

The term is often used in place of “you and I” or “we” among Rastafari, implying that both persons are united under the love of Jah.

I and I is a complex term, referring to the oneness of God and every human.

I and I is an expression of total oneness, the oneness of two persons. So God is within all of us and we’re all one people. The bond of brotherhood is the bond of God, of man. But man itself needs a head and the head of man is the Supreme self Jah.

I and I is the best way to describe this essential truth, I & I means to me, the ego-self and the god-self. I & I , the brain and the soul…

In Ajah I will often refer to I&I when im speaking to show the self in the Brain & the soul, or of the mind and the divine within.

this is a concept to think on