The Way that can be walked is not the eternal Way.

The name that can be named is not the eternal name.

The nameless is the beginning of Heaven and Earth.

The named is the mother of all things.


Free from desire you see the mystery.

Full of desire you see the manifestations.

These two have the same origin but differ in name.

That is the secret,

The secret of secrets,

The gate to all mysteries.

Mother-Nature is the ultimate reality, she is God… & each being is her…

each being accumulates karma…
& yet never being seperate from nature, being totally non-dual, how can such a thing occur.
the law of karma is the same as the law of attraction, the law of attraction is Gods power to create…each mind generates thoughts & actions pulling Gods force of creation in all directions, each mind is a director of Gods energy, when we foolishly believe our self as an individual apart from Mother-nature, we perceive this subtle law of nature, as Karma… in truth there was never any good or bad karma, only infinite cause & effect… This Gives God, who is the supreme Consciousness in all, something to do, to create, they call it the LILA the dance of life, God’s playtime….
God was always here before creation, it just sat motionless, thoughtless, & perfect, then out a single urge to create to accomplish, God manifests as everthing in creation…thus it is by God or Mother-Natures will that all creation, preservation, & destruction it carried out by the infinite body-mind organisms that exist.

once it generates a mind, God gains the ability to think and with a nervous system can control a small part of its Self, this is fine for the most part, however the brain being “new” and not existing prior to its conception doesnt know it is God, and apon witnessing the many other intellects present in nature falls under the delusion that it is an individual seperate from nature and all other beings….
in truth they are just other parts of you, the real you, the God-Self.

In the ordinary deluded being, when a thought occurs, he thinks “this is my thought”
however when a thought occurs in the mind of a Wise-Man, witnessing happens & identification with the thought does not occur,as it is only a variation of Consciousness, then the man of wisdom lives forever in constant awe of God who is His own Being & Self, & even when the body dies, he realizes that he will never cease, being steady in this knowledge, one is immortal.

God is Consciousness, that one Consciousness larger than creation & never ending… Consciousness solidifies and variates itself into infinite textures and modes of existence. Thus all things are the “you” that ya feel inside your heart & mind, even things without sense organs or a mind, like inanimate things, are you… they simply lack the ability to move or think… & all intellects are you “from another point of view.”
realizeing all this an intellect bleached out with Wisdom, lives simply and naturally & accomplishes all activities effortlessly…
realizeing all this; these wise wizards feel nothing but compassion for all beings everywhere.

teach those who desire to learn of the Old Ways and the Ancient Ones. To guide them to seek within, learn of themselves and who they are with the Goddess and God. To keep the ways of the Old and to daily honour the Mother Goddess and Father God, in all we do and how we live. To allow all members to grow within the Temple and Her Covens to encourage them to flourish upon their spiritual path. And so shall we set forth the teachings of the Ancient Ones, the Old Ways and the Mysteries of Life.

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