Friday; June 14th, 2013

the prophets & saints were talking about SOMETHING, just because our tiny itty bitty brain cant handle the Truth does’nt mean its there…
God, energy, life, Tao, Luck, Higher Self, whatever name ya give it….

“The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of all things(God)” – Tao Te Ching

all religions at there core share the same truth, on that note all philosophies, even atheistic or empirical models of thought are just more methods to reach the truth…

there is one truth, or it would Not be the Truth….

“Truth is one, sages call it by many names” – Rig-Veda
“hath we all not one father?” -book of Malachi
“84,ooo(infinite symbolic number) paths to enlightenment”- the Buddha
“there is no religion; higher than the truth” – madam Blavatsky
“all is true, nothing is false” – Thelmea

God as described in monism… is that there is only the one true God, the whole absolute…
duelist, monotheist for example; believe in a God separate & above nature…

both are true from different points of veiw, monism leads to transcendence, while duality leads to immanence

Dualist say “there is nothing equal to God”,
the monist says “there IS nothing to equal God”

dualist say; “it is blasphemy to say ‘i am God’ ”
monist say; “it is blasphemy to say ‘i am Not God’ ”

sometimes a monist speaks as though there is duality in reality, this is to avoid unnecessary conflict…
a great Sufi Saint(mystic islam) once proclaimed ” under these garments there is nothing but Allah”
they killed him as a heretic.

God being ever expanding, all encompassing life of all, the substratum revealed after the negation of all things, complete & full, could never fit into any form, God being without form or even formlessness has no face, eyes, ears, hands, feet, or anything else, yet comprises them all utterly & completely giving them all life

after realizing God as all things, realize the self as God and merge forever into God…
thus does the body live out the rest of its days as the embodiment of God, bliss, and revelation…

& Jesus said “Me & my father are one.”

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