trends in new spirituality

people have been practicing spirituality to free the mind from self-imposed limitations forever now… and it never stpped, there was no break in religions, they always keep pushing forward developing new characteristics…
we can see how american religions developed; hebrews+pagans=catholics-pope=protestant…protestant+americas=JW,Mormons, baptists, Rastas, mystic christians, etc, etc…

now like always religions are changing with the seasons. so it seems our current time harbors spirituality on par with ancient Greece, or India…
lets look at the common beliefs & practices of these newlly emerging spiritualities;

Monism- Many people are starting to consider God as an abstract entity in which all resides in & originates from

Pantheism- developing especially amoung dedicated neo-pagans is the idea that every deity represents an element or “thing”

non-duality- popular in circles that prize eastern spirituality, is Monism taken a step further, mystical monism, the striving towards a monistic state of consciousness, or one-ness with God…

Alters- made popular through Wicca, the practice of erecting a temple by starting home alters or outside alters, they serve as a focal point and houses ritual items

do it yourself Rituals- most people dont beleive that rituals must be performed exactly as instucted so most people just make up there own, sometimes only a few hours before…

Ganja- people like Ganja, they treat it like sacrament like rastas do as a way to make it spiritual

the law of attraction- like attracts like, thoughts attract what you are thinking..

Ancient alien theories- the idea that many of the deities mankind cherishes are actually based on aleins who visited earth in the distant past

meditation- nearlly all religions encourage meditation of some kind, however most new religions teach buddhist or hindu meditations

God as a male/female duality- many people use two deities to represent God the immanent & God the transcendent, also most people understand that GOD has no gender.

namelessness- God has no name other than what people give’em

mysticsism- the idea that anyone can have direct communion with the creator without an intermediary…

human divinity- the idea that in some way the human person is divine, “children of God”

Anamism- the idea that all things are consciouss, inanimate or animate.

Magic- a belief in magic(k), as well as the healing power of prayer

reincarnation- many accept the idea that consciousness lives many lives.


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