living simply

You are the eternal spirit, you wear your thoughts and body like clothes if you forget this sorrow will truelly follow, our thoughts will scatter in all directions as we are pulled by each to act. We must be ever mindful and aware of our thoughts, fealings, & emotions so that we can remained detatched from the illusion.

God is everywere in and around all things, and so we must love all with the sincerity of a thousand lovers. Yes you are God, I am God,
we are the self meeting the self, God meeting God.

We can only feel our divinity by expressing it, We can only feel the love by giving it always at all times…
the more Bhakti you give the more the energy fills you up…

you want adventure? remember the chinese wisdom ” the curse of an interesting life”

i call you to live simply and close to nature, with love in your heart for all humanity.
go ahead eat the food it is God, God is delicious!
go ahead smoke the ganja it is God, my how high God makes you feel!
feel the heat of fire, the wisp of wind, the brightness of the sun as well as the moon, all these things and more are God.
Truelly simple pleasure are the best.

be calm, happy, and content… these are the three qualities of the saint.

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