A Call to Ajah

I have experienced the relative truths, that are all the one Truth…

but this is not mine, I call on Ajah to get together and hangout, smoke, laugh, love, and praise the Divine mother (or father).I call on all awakened Ajah to Start an Ajah Tribe in your area, to keep recognition and tolerance and peace for all  spiritual paths, learning from each and every one…

The Tribe is the closest knit group of friends, who live in the Way, living in Harmony with each other as well as the world…

All is holy, all is sacred, nothing is true, nothing is false….

The awakening has occurred so much in so many people.. you can go sit in a cave and meditate for 12 years to be a Yogi, or you can just open your eyes and see the truth that is in plain sight…

om blessing

om shanti

om namah shivaya

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