“the guru is the path..”-siva sutras

a guru joins a diciple into his spiritual family thus imparting his own spiritual accomplishment onto his student. this is very valuable but unnecessary.  all is the one spirit and so anyone can reach attainment through effort and the shrinking of the ego.

a guru imparts spiritual light and a cleared path to realization.

this should not be seen as a bad thing. it is very simple and are propelled into spiritual awakening very fast. the guru is not a master, they are a servent, you obey them so they can service you by teaching you. accepting a guru is like falling in love, they are here to help. they spiritually filter the vibrations of the world. the more enlightened masters are in one place, the nicer the world will become.

“The Guru is one who dispels ignorance. One who dispels the darkness of ignorance and stands before us as a luminous sun of knowledge is Guru, and it is God Himself, finally, that appears before us as a human Guru. As a Guru, God shall teach us the necessary spiritual lessons as and when they are needed for our higher evolution, and He may take any form that He requires. God takes infinite forms, and the infinite forms may be our Gurus. This fact is very beautifully portrayed in that immortal anecdote of the conversation between sage Dattatreya and King Yadu, as delineated in the scripture, Srimad Bhagavata. The great Dattatreya recounts several Gurus of his. He does not say that any particular human being alone is his Guru. He went on recounting and came to 24 Gurus in number. He said, “All these are my Gurus”, and all Gurus were not necessarily human. That was the special feature which Dattatreya emphasised in his teachings to King Yadu. There were even animals; there was even a bee; there were inanimate things like earth, water, fire, air and so on. In short, everything was a Guru to sage Dattatreya.”   -Guru Purnima

their are gurus in most traditions but gurus are hard to find, and fakers still pop up trying to make you pay for service.

but you can reach attainment by yourself, anyone can its quite easy once you know how, but many people keep getting caught up in paradox and contradictions caused by the illusionary mind.

thats why i made Ajah dharma and its manual, its how to attain god-realization.

i don’t want people to have to go through the years of searching for truth. i had no guru to devote myself, so i spoke with all the spiritual masters i could find and read for years, i hit some very bad places in that time. then i woke up.

i remember the Bible says “i was blind,& now i see”

but at any rate a guru is invaluable.

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